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Forklift selection - How to choose the right forklift for your business?

Choose the right forklift for your business in Bangladesh

Choosing the right forklift is very important for your business. The right forklift can be a major difference between a productive working environment and a sloppy one. It helps you to decrease operational costs, boosts productivity and better stock management.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct forklift for your warehouse. Your current forklift selection process may be working now, but probably you are missing out a more efficient way of moving materials or goods in your warehouse.

There are a large range of forklifts, and each one is designed to be used for specific jobs. You should consider several important factors to consider when choosing the right forklift.

  1. Environment: Your business environment will influence the type of forklift, tyre selection and fuel type. You should consider:
    1. How many hours per day will the forklift be used?
    2. Will the forklifts operate indoor,outdoors or both?
    3. What type of surface does your warehouse have,smooth or rough?
  2. Lift height: Knowing your required lift height is logically an important factor to choose the right forklift. You should know :
    1. What is the highest point the forklift needs to reach at your facility?
    2. What is your typical lift height?
    3. Are there any height restrictions? (e.g. celling beams or low hanging lights)

      You should also consider the collapsed height of the mast structure. Besides this, also consider your warehouse height and aisle width, as this will assist you in finding the right unit.
  3. Types of power/Fuel type : There are three types of fuel for forklift; gas,diesel and electric. To choose the correct fuel type of your forklift you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of these fuel types in more detail.

    Gas and diesel forklifts are suggested, if you need to lift bigger loads and fast movements. Gas forklifts offer lower maintenance costs and usually have a longer lifespan. You can also refuel them quite quickly, if you compare the refueling time with electric forklifts. But gas powered forklifts have a high-level of emission and are quite noisy to operate. Fuel storage could be another headache for this type of forklift as you need a large space to store the fuel.

    Diesel powered forklifts are quite powerful and known for their low running cost. This type of forklift is best suited for outdoor applications. Overall, diesel forklifts are very reliable but just like gas forklifts, they also need a spacious storage space for fuel.

    STILL electric forklift truck
    STILL Electric Forklift Truck - One of the best electric forklift truck in Bangladesh

    Electric forklifts are the latest addition in these three types. Initially electric forklifts will cost more if you compare it to other two types, but you will reap the rewards over time as they offer great reliability and lower consumption rate. They also operate very quietly and produce no emissions, therefore are recommended for indoor operations. You can learn more about electric forklifts from one of our previous write ups.
  4. Load size/capacity : You must check the maximum lift capacity of the forklift you are buying/renting for your warehouse. You should look at :
    1. Width of your loads
    2. Average load weight
    3. Type of stock the forklift will be handling
    4. The heaviest load you need to fit

      It will be a great mistake, if the maximum lift capacity of your forklift is lower than your requirements. You can also use specific forklift attachments that can enhance the capacity of a standard forklift.
  5. Tyre selection : the most common type of forklift tyre is solid or pneumatic,but non-marking and cushioned tyres also have their specific uses. Tire use also depends on different types of environments and surface types.  Right type of tyre with the perfect forklift can make your warehouse operation a breeze.
    Forklift tyre in Bangladesh
    Choose forklift tyre in Bangladesh
  6. Ergonomics : Not considering ergonomics is very common when we buy or rent forklifts. But it affects badly in the long run. High quality adjustable sitting is vital as operators are sitting in their machines for hours at a time. Investing in ergonomics will lessen the chance of injuries, such as back pain. This will help your operators to keep in good health.
  7. New/Used/Rented : Finally, you have to choose what is the best option for you; new/used/rented.

    New forklifts have higher upfront costs. But this option gives you freedom of low or high weekly usage. Naturally, a new forklift will cost you much lower for regular maintenance.

    Used forklifts will benefit you through low initial low initial investment. This could be a good investment if you choose wisely during purchase. Though you should be ready for much more maintenance cost than a newly purchased one.

    Rented could be a good option with low upfront cost. You can rent new forklifts from companies like us to ensure a smooth regular operation. You can also rent for short or long term according to your need, which is another benefit of this option.

IESL offers a wide range of European(German) origin new forklifts in Bangladesh. A wide range of forklifts are also available for rent, if that meets your requirements.

Our experienced engineers are always ready to give you the best forklift solution. Feel free to send a message from our live chat or give us a call @ +8801713428018 for immediate assistance.

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