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Pallet Flow Rack

Perfect pallet rotation (FIFO System). Ideal system to store perishable goods with high rotation, as well as high consumption goods with a continuous flux.

  1. You need to operate in First-In-First-Out(FIFO) rotation.
  2. Your palletized products is fast moving.
  3. You want your logistical processes to be clearly structured.
  4. You want to minimize disruption to the supply of goods and that all product lines are in direct access.

Pallet storage using the First-in-First-out (FIFO) rotation is an effective solution if you store goods with an expiry date or have to monitor batches and product series. The first pallets stored are also the first ones to be removed (FIFO). The NUTECH Flow Rack also plays an important role as buffer warehouses for incoming goods and shipping

The storage is usually accessed using front loaders and reach trucks along with manual pallet trucks for the lowest level. NUTECH Flow Rack works via gravity alone and does not require any electrical components. Supply and removal are clearly separated, improving the organization. In addition, NUTECH Flow Rack can also be easily integrated into an automated material flow, making them a suitable option for fully automated warehouses.

In addition to the warehouse organization using the FIFO rotation, the benefit of our pallets dynamic flow racks lies in the highly efficient use of space and volume in the warehouse.

NUTECH Pallet Flow Rack : 6 pallet high x 7 pallet deep x 4 rows

Each entrance row of NUTECH Pallet Flow Rack is equipped with pallet guides to help palletized goods
flow in a straightforward manner

Each exit row of NUTECH Pallet Flow Rack is equipped with pallet seperator to seperate the first pallet
from the second pallet to enable safer & easier process of pallet removal from the flow rack

Brake Roller regulate the speed of the conveyed goods on the gravity flow rack They keep
conveyed goods at a constant speed downhill. At least one brake roller is required for each pallet slot.