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We keep you running, while fighting with covid-19

We keep you running

In this COVID-19 pandemic, we all are passing a very challenging time. At IESL, we know how crucial it is to keep everything running, even at its minimum. In this uncertain time, we are committed to keep our promise to our customers and to ensure that we have taken some measures. Below are some major actions taken to keep everything going.

      • >> Our service team is just a call away even in this challenging situation. The service professionals will be at your service in the time of your need maintaining the safety measures by following the guidance from World Health Organization (WHO).
      • >> At IESL, we have placed limitations on domestic & international business travels. Though our executives are attending the meetings via online conference channels, to reduce the direct physical contact as much as possible.
      • >> You can always reach us even in this time through the Contact page at our website or make a call to 01713428017.
      • >> We have also rescheduled or canceled our company events.
      • >> During providing the service to customers we are trying our best to maintaining a minimum amount of space between each other as per the guidance of WHO.

We believe, by maintaining the health measures we will overcome this crisis together with our customers as soon as possible.

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