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How to safeguard your facility during long holidays

It's really great that, Eid-al-Adha is knocking on the door. Long holidays...

It's really great that, Eid-al-Adha is knocking on the door. Long holidays are really good for the overall productivity of your organization. But the joy of holidays can be ruined for some unexpected accidents, which can lead to unnecessary burden. So, before closing your facility let's take some precautions to stay safe.

Here are some security tips for keeping your business/facility secure during long holidays.

  • Review you security policy :Just before the closing, it is really good to go through all the security policy by all of your employees. This will help them to remind all the security policy once again & you will get extra peace of mind. You may also consider to check all the valuable documents, products & other valuable things are in right places just before closing your room.
  • Check the security equipments :During holidays any failure with the security system can cause way more hassle than you imagine. So, you should check & verify that all the security cameras,smart locks & access control system is functioning at it's best.
  • Unplug electrical appliances :It is also important to unplug all the electrical & electronics appliances, which will not be in use during the holidays. It will reduce the chance of any electrical accidents & save your appliances from power surges.

Before closing down your business/facility for holidays, be sure to go through all of the points mentioned above. This extra caution will make your holidays more enjoyable for sure. Happy holiday!

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