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How to clean & disinfect floors to stay safe in COVID-19 pandemic?

How to clean & disinfect floors to stay safe in COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 has changed the world a lot. This specky virus has affected our way of work, lifestyle, safety measures and a lot of other things.

In March 2020, a New England Journal of Medical Study showed that, COVID-19 virus can live for up to 72 hours on some non-porous surfaces. Besides, this study Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that regularly cleaned and then disinfected floors reduce the potential of virus transmission.

Taking into account the above mentioned recommendation, a clean & disinfected floor is now the “new standard” of a safe workplace. Most of the time, we think clean & disinfected floors are the same thing. Let’s find the difference before exploring the ways to make our floors clean & disinfected.

Difference : Cleaning & Disinfecting

Floor cleaning : The physical removal of debris, soil and organic substances from a surface is commonly known as floor cleaning. This is an important step in the disinfection process. Generally, the cleaning process is performed during office hours in a corporate workplace. Using an auto-scrubber could produce the best result in this case.

Floor Disinfecting : The process of eliminating pathogens and disease-causing microorganisms is called floor disinfecting. The chemicals used in this process usually require a few minutes to complete the chemical reactions. Uninterrupted chemical reactions produce best results, this is the reason why this type of process usually takes place after regular working hours or on holidays.

Tips to disinfect floors to stay safe from COVID-19

  • >> Before starting to clean; remove loose soil, debris and other substances.
  • >> Soils and organic materials on the floor can be susceptible to microorganisms. IPC auto-scrubber is ideal to completely remove these type of materials from the floor.
  • >> Use chemicals collected from trusted companies to ensure complete removal of virus that causes COVID-19.
  • >> Remember to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the preparation & use of the disinfectant solution.
  • >> To ensure the best results, follow the measurement instructions indicated on labels.
  • >> During the cleaning process, maintain appropriate safety measures by placing barricades and prominent safety signs.
  • >> Drain tanks of your machine immediately after use. Rinse floor machine with water using conventional scrubbing to remove any product residue inside to reduce the chance of chemical interaction issues.
  • >> It is important to keep in mind that, disinfectants can be more damaging than detergents, even when used as directed.
  • >> Without enough contact time on the surface can create an untrue feeling of safety. This can be just a waste of your valuable funds. Traditional use of auto-scrubbers, which only keeps solutions on the surface for 2-3 seconds is not adequate to remove the virus.

Tips to clean & disinfect Auto-Scrubbers

  • >> As IPC auto-scrubbers are being used to clean the Covid-19 virus regularly, it is vital to maintain routine to clean & disinfect equipment surfaces & parts.
  • >> Select the disinfectant carefully. Some disinfectant can corrode metals, plastics & different types of rubber used in the IPC auto-scrubbers.
  • >> If it is not possible to reach some surfaces using wipe or spray, dissemble and immerse the specific parts in disinfectant.
  • >> After cleaning the IPC-auto scrubbers allow some time to completely air dry prior to disinfection.

It’s our promise to keep workplaces safe from virus to ensure healthy work environment. At IESL, we help companies to achieve that by proper using of different high quality cleaning equipment from IPC. Send us a query today to stay safe!

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